Get Scared In Manitou Springs This Weekend

Dated: 10/26/2017

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Manitou Springs, Colorado has quite the reputation for haunted places.  

Emma Crawford came to Manitou when tuberculosis was common. She and many sufferers traveled to the area seeking the springs healing powers and the mountain air. Unfortunately, she died at the age of 19. Her last wish was to be buried on the summit of nearby Red Mountain. Her fiancée, along with 11 other men, granted her wish and carried her remains to the summit to be buried. After years of weather and erosion, her remains washed down the side of the mountain. Because of this, many believe that Emma haunts the mountain and some have even seen her. There are trails on the mountain where you can visit the site of her grave. There’s an unmarked grave in the Manitou Springs haunted Cemetery in remembrance of Emma and annual coffin races are held in her honor down Manitou Avenue every October. This years event happens to be tomorrow. To see more about this great event click HERE!

Dr. Bell and his family moved to Manitou in 1874 for the same reason Emma Crawford did. The hope of the springs and the fresh mountain air was a magnet for people who were suffering from tuberculosis.

The Briarhurst Manor Estate was the Bell's summer home until 1922. Later the Manor was purchased and turned into a fine-dining establishment. Today the paranormal activity is strong. The Briarhurst was so active that the Atlantic Paranormal Society from SyFy Channel's show Ghost Hunters investigated the property with plenty of things to share in a 2009 episode.

The Cave of the Winds in Williams Canyon north of Manitou Springs has been a visitor attraction since 1881. Before then, the Native American people who frequented the mineral springs at Manitou knew of the open gorge that holds the cave's main entrance. The Jicarilla Apaches in New Mexico reported in 1960 that they believe the Cave of the Winds is home to the Great Spirit of the Wind, and that anyone entering the cave could become twisted in both body and mind by the twisting movement of the wind passing through the open gorge. Only the bravest tribe members will enter the cave's entrance chamber. The reopening of the historic Manitou Grand Caverns section - closed to visitors from 1907 until 1980 - to public lantern tours has resulted in numerous reports by staff, visitors, and cave explorers of haunted happenings. In the Grand Concert Hall, the largest chamber in the known cave system, and nearby Lover's Lane, visitors have reported apparitions, strange mists, unexplained sounds, and unusual lights in photographs.

People who work in the historic early 20th-century gift shop have noted unusual and unexplained events, including phones ringing from unattached extensions, intercom calls from within the Cave of the Winds when no one is inside, and items missing or moved. Several paranormal teams have investigated the cave in the last decade. One paranormal sensitive reported the spirit of the cave's 19th century developer and owner spend time in the Grand Concert Hall, watching tour groups.

The Manitou Grand Caverns was featured in a 2012 episode of the Biography Channel series, "My Ghost Story," detailing one paranormal investigation by The Spirit Chasers.

Check out these places and more when you visit Manitou Springs. You can still get the spring water and enjoy the clean mountain air…and maybe a few scares as well.

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