Coffee And Chaos

Dated: 10/16/2017

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Have you ever seen the coffee cup or shirt that reads “I run on coffee, cuss words and chaos”? Well, this is an embarrassingly accurate depiction of my life. I’m sure there are plenty of you out there that feel the same way juggling family, career, education, recreation (the list goes on).  I’m (can I just say “we” instead of “I” here?) constantly busy, doing stuff, running from one thing to another and just always feel rushed!  Feeling rushed and busy but not productive leads to feeling stressed which in turn leads to exhaustion; I for one am well overdue to make more changes in my life!

Not too long ago, someone posted on fb about needing tips for time management in their life and my response was instant yet, I fail to heed my own advice.  With advice so readily available for others, it was obvious I needed to implement the changes in my own life.

Of course the ability to multi-task and change direction easily & problem solve work well with a career in real estate but so would order, self-care and having systems in place!  I began to simplify this summer when I went from working two jobs to working one job for the first time in almost four years and that is just the beginning.

I had been using a planner but for the first time since coming to EXIT, I purchased a planner that works better for me and finally sat down and time-blocked and color coded my entire week and I already feel better just having done that – just looking at it brings me a sense of calm!  To sit down with assigned tasks so to speak, I’ll waste less time and do a better job of being accountable to myself.  To see what I don’t do in terms of self-care or constantly feeling stressed but unproductive, is just not worth it.  I desperately desire more organization, systems and calm in my day-to-day life.

I have been doing daily affirmations through Prompter, a wonderful tool/app provided through EXIT and am incorporating running or biking back into my daily routine both for my physical and mental well-being.  I’ll be sitting down every Sunday and planning my week out as well as trying to implement systems at home that will both help my boys and myself simplify so we’re able to slow down and enjoy life and one another  more <3  My challenge to all of you is to see how you too can simplify your life.  Let me know what you’ll be doing to reduce stress, slow down and take better care of yourself and those you love.

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