Why I quit my six figure job to become a real estate agent

Dated: February 22 2021

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Good question? Why would I quit a career where I made a six-figure income to pursue a high-stress sales position in real estate. Not to mention we have this whole pandemic thing going on.


For me, it was an easy decision.


I built up a passion for real estate during my research into becoming a real estate investor. I spent about two years studying the market and learning what I can. Utilizing resources like Bigger Pockets and Robert Kiyosaki. I did wind up buying four rental properties over two years, and I intend to purchase more. Buying these homes brought me to the point of financial freedom. Reaching financial freedom opened the door for me to do more than “just pay the bills.” Which is the terrible mindset I fell into with my previous job. That’s not what I wanted for my life. I want to get out, help people, and continue my newfound passion for real estate. 


I love real estate. I love what it can do for people. Let me help you to reach financial freedom through real estate investments. 


Call or email me if you’re interested in investing in Colorado.


(910) - 988 - 9606


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