Colorado Real Estate Market 2021 - is a housing crash in our near future?

Dated: January 12 2021

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We are due for a downturn - it's just not going to happen anytime soon! 

The market has exceeded expectations through 2018, 2019, and gratefully strong-armed 2020, especially in Colorado Springs. And, "The Springs" continues its steady course into 2021! 

Total transparency here; an imminent housing crash doesn't rise out of the abyss - there will be very apparent signs and some of those are:




Now, having a ton of inventory can be a big sign that we are headed in the wrong direction. Fortunately, the above warnings are not showing any symptoms at this time. I mean... HELLO, with Colorado dominating the TOP FIVE CITIES to live in the U.S. with four of our cities (Boulder, Denver, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins) standing proud - but, I can't forget to mention Austin, Texas holding tight to their #3 position. We have remained desirable and we've held our value. We have proudly continued that momentum through the challenges of the pandemic - forcing any future market impacts further away from us.

The housing market has peaks and valleys - it always has... Still worried about the housing market? The best strategy that real estate investors have shared; is to sell prior to the downturn, and buy after! Have questions about the strategies for buying and selling, give me a call! (719)644-0329

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