What if I’m bad at making friends?

Dated: September 11 2020

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It isn’t any wonder why people are so bad at networking these days. It is because the art of making friends has been sidelined for the most part. Much of our society is very hard to crack open, partially because of the values held in America: autonomy, freedom, independence. I call this the hot-rod-society. It always brings to mind the lone-wolf hopping into his hot-rod and driving into the sunset down route 66. Classic American. Other cultures don’t have the same mindset or the same problems. There’s nothing wrong with the hot-rod mindset, but it is easy to fall into the habit of substituting autonomy and independence for solitude. Lots of people make this mistake. So don’t feel bad if you are stumbling around with this. Chances you are simply not well practiced.

Route 66

I can give a big long list of dos and don’ts, but that won’t make any difference if they aren’t at least tried out. Most likely, even then they will not be useful until implemented, practiced, and honed. (Don’t worry, there will be a list.) It is the difference between head-knowledge and experience. This difference is big enough to strand someone with an MBA working at Subway, as opposed to someone high in demand with no degree whatsoever. That’s a BIG difference to me. So I guess I’m saying, don’t be a dabler.

---You’ve got to learn to walk before you can run.---

I’m saying this for myself as well. It is just like any skill, you are never really done. No athlete says “Well, I’ve practiced enough. I never have to practice again.” No artistic master simply puts down his paintbrush and says, “Well, I finished my work. I will bust this out again when I have some other piece I’m working on.” You need to use it or it will crumble to pieces.

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