BEST Coffee Shops in Colorado Springs

Dated: October 5 2021

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best local coffee shops in colorado springs

As a Realtor®, I spend a lot of time in Coffee shops when I need to make a quick stop to connect to WiFi and get an injection of caffeine. 

If you're anything like me, then you love exploring the best coffee shops in town! Truth be told, everyone's taste is different based on how they determine the "best" coffee shops. So I'm giving you my best coffee places based on my individual preference and I'll show you my little checklist of what makes a place so great or not so great! 

The three biggest indicators of a coffee shop are...


  • Is it cute?

  • Clean/Organized? 

  • Bright?

  • What's the energy like within the environment?

  • Plants, music?

  • Basically, the aesthetics!

Whether I'm working, reading a book, or catching up with a friend the vibe matters SO much to me because I believe it brings the best out of me. 


Now, I used to be a Starbucks store manager so I think my standards are high on customer service, but here's why it matters so much. I'm not just paying for a cup of coffee, but rather for an entire experience. If a barista makes me feel welcomed and excited to be there, I want to keep coming back. As humans, I believe we impact people in either a positive or negative way, there isn't really an in between. 

Here's what I look for in customer service.

  • A warm greeting

  • Smiles

  • Overall appreciation for customers and their business

  • Small talk or a genuine connection 

  • Excitement or appreciation for their job and what they get to do (you can feel this from people!)


Okay, here is where it's so different. Everyone has different tastes and styles of what they like. I love dark roast coffee that's more nutty and chocolate flavors rather than acidic. 

I'm also a Chai tea latte girl so I will try out Chai as well as their coffee and this is how I judge if I like the taste or not.

There you have it, that's how I'm judging the 5 best places to go in Colorado Springs based off of my list above. 


1) Switchback Roasters

2) WayFinder Coffee

3) Loyal Coffee

4) Peak Place

5) Kinship Landing

I'd LOVE to know your favorite coffee spot! As you know, I'm always looking to try out new ones and if you have different indicators as to what makes a place great or not, I'd love to hear about it! Tell me in the comments below.

Thank you so much for reading my blog post and if you have any Real Estate needs in the Colorado Springs area, I'd be honored to help you! Give me a call or text at 719.985.1593.

Have a blessed day!

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BEST Coffee Shops in Colorado Springs

As a Realtor®, I spend a lot of time in Coffee shops when I need to make a quick stop to connect to WiFi and get an injection of caffeine. If you're anything like me, then you love

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