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FACT:  All smoke detectors need to be replaced EVERY 10 YEARS, and many can become faulty or problematic before this time!

SMOKE DETECTORS DON'T LAST FOREVER:  Did you know that most smoke alarms self-test for smoke every 40-60 seconds as it is constantly monitoring the air 24 hours a day? This means that during a 10-year lifespan of a smoke detector, the electronics have carried out a staggering 7,884,000 tests!

After all this use, the components become less reliable.

As the alarm gets older, the potential for failure increases, and therefore the effectiveness of the smoke detector continues to reduce over time!

BUT, WHY? Smoke detectors are subjected to 10 years worth of duct, skin cells, insects and debris - the accumulation in the device/build-up directly affects the performance of the device.


  • The smoke detector is intermittently going off for no reason.
  • Random chirping, even after battery replacement.
  • The test button fails to operate/engage the siren on the detector.
  • The last battery you replaced lasts less than 1 year. 

Click this video to see if your smoke detector has gone bad!


First, check the expiration date to see if the device is still serviceable. Reminder - all smoke alarms have an operative service life of 10 years, after which they need to be replaced. This date will usually be written on a sticker on the side or back of the installed alarm. 

NOTE: If you are buying or selling a home, professional inspectors will flag and recommend replacing any/all smoke detectors exceeding/near to expiration date - for the health and safety of the home and its future occupants. 


  • Vacuum outside, around, and near all openings of your alarm(s) - this is to clean out any dust, debris, cobwebs, and insects. Or, use an aerosol air blaster or small electric blower.
  • Insert a new battery (if it's a smoke detector model with a removable 9-volt battery).
  • Clean the outside of the alarm with a damp cloth and general-purpose cleaner.
  • Apply a small amount of insect surface spray to another cloth then gently wipe over the face of the alarm and around the surrounding ceiling. This tip will limit the chance of insect ingress. 

SMOKE DETECTOR TECHNOLOGY IS EVOLVING: Simply upgrading your detectors now already puts you and those that share your home in a safer place. The great thing is that smoke detector technology is evolving, the latest models have even further advancements and built-in features to let you quicker in the event of a fire. PLUS internal improvements to limit the chances of false alarms. 

Places like your local hardware store, home improvement warehouse, or online have a number of options to purchase your next set of smoke detectors. Consider looking into the 2-in-1 Smoke and CO2 detectors!  

Here's a link to buying bundles via AMAZON!

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