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Homeowners Crush Renters in Net Worth

There's new stats in for median net worth of a homeowner vs a renter (drum roll please)..... $396,200 vs $10,400. As I mentioned last week, many buyers and sellers as reported in the Wall Street

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POV: Your home wishlist becomes your new reality

💭🏡Your dream home can absolutely become your reality... but there’s a catch.What you jot down on your dream home wishlist might not always match up with what you end up with. And guess

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Unveiling the Unique Educational Opportunities at Air Academy High School

Are you exploring educational options in Colorado Springs? Look no further than Air Academy High School in Academy District 20. Join us in our latest video as we uncover the special programs and

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Fed Up With Waiting?!

The Wall Street Journal recently ran an article confirming what I've been saying for the last several weeks: Many home sellers are done waiting for the Fed to lower rates. One of the sellers was

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